7 Ways to Spice Up Your Anniversary Celebration

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Anniversary CelebrationSometimes things get stale. The years go by, and the sex goes away. Or gets lame. Or becomes boring. Instead of continually courting your spouse – you’re stuck in the same routines. And these routines, well they’re about as far from spicy as you can get. Bland Saturday morning sex isn’t going to cut it forever.You don’t look at each other the same any longer. It’s bad, but you know there’s a way you can turn it around. You believe there’s a way to get that old spark back. So your anniversary starts to roll around and you begin to wonder how you could spice things up.If this is you – here are seven ways to spice up your anniversary celebration:Get sexy togetherSpicing up your anniversary starts before the actual date. Convince your partner to make a concreted effort to get in shape – together! There’s nothing like seeing your spouse looking great again. Plus, the jump in sex boosting hormones we get from exercising is often noticeable. You may be jumping each other’s bones after a month in the gym. Ditch the gift-giving pressureYour anniversary isn’t about getting new stuff for each other. Celebrating your anniversary is about celebrating whom you are together. Stop working about gifts. They shouldn’t have much of a place in the anniversary celebration unless they’re for the bedroom ;)Make exciting plansTo spice things up for your big night, you’ll have to make some exciting plans. Taking a beach vacation always works. A night in that fancy hotel downtown could be great, too. A home cooked meal prepared by a stunning vixen in lingerie isn’t a bad idea. Even playing a day of hooky from work (if your anniversary falls on a weekday) will do wonders to spice things up.Build anticipation, but leave mysteryAs your anniversary comes closer, you should work to build anticipation for the date. Send your partner a sexy photo. Tease him with the possibility of a sexy outfit. Send her directions for what to wear and when to be ready, but don’t tell her anything else. Leave some mystery, but build some excitement for your partner.No electronics allowedOnce your anniversary celebration starts – get rid of the smart phones, tablets, televisions, and more. Electronics make it easy to lose focus on the important things – your partner and the anniversary. So ditch the electronics and focus on the love of your life. Dress to impress each otherAn anniversary is a special day. You should treat it as such. If you show up to your anniversary celebration dressed like trash, then you can’t expect anything too spicy to occur. If you’re going to an upscale dinner, then it’s time for the suit, the tie, and the little black dress. Make an effort to look stunning for each other and it’ll pay off in the bedroom later.It’s time to playWhile the planning is vital when talking about your anniversary – what happens in the bedroom, or the kitchen counter, or the living room floor is much more important. Spicy up your anniversary is all about heating things up from a sexual standpoint.One of the best ways you can do so is through a little lingerie and costumes from 3wishes.com. You know your partner better than I do. So whatever would spice things up for you two is up to you.I will say French maid costumes are always classic. Nurses never go out of sexy style. Spanking a naughty schoolgirl – well, I’m not sure there’s a red-blooded man that could resist.If you share a favorite national pastime (aka a sport), there’s a sexy costume for that, too. And of course, there’s nothing sexier than a sexy Santa. Spice Up Your Anniversary Celebration No matter what you do for your anniversary, you must make it about the two of you. No outside influences. No electronic distractions. Just a special time with your special someone. Add some exciting plans, some mystery, and a costume or two – and you’re good to go!

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